Saturday, January 22, 2011


I have been inspired by great rehearsals this week. Not only have I been enjoying rehearsals with myself to play with my ideas in the studio and explore, but I had great company join me in the creation process.

I had my first rehearsal with Charlie Kilgore this Thursday after showing him and my teacher Leeny material I had created and the world I am constructing for this new work. I worked with Charlie for the first time when he was a BFA in the Fall of 09 when we were both in The Laramie Project: Epilogue stage reading. More significantly, Charlie and I became quite intimate with each other in the rehearsal process for Aleh, the Butoh show I did last Spring in Denver. Charlie was my base for a very challenging, provocative, and beautiful section where I rolled all over his mostly naked body with my mostly naked body. We were wearing Fudoshi's to cover the privatest of parts. I think not only a physical bond was established from that work, but also a sense of artistic trust with each other. Charlie's support, investment, and insights have been very helpful in giving me deeper understanding of the emerging world.

This afternoon I had not only two hours of rehearsal with Charlie, but then an additional two hours with Charlie, Gustine, and Peter. My full cast. I was amazed how organically the process began. Although I know Gustine and Peter from a workshop I gave in the Fall and have seen them perform in a Viewpoints presentation and talked in the hallways, I have not worked with them extensively. Gus and Peter are both first year MFAs. Charlie was unknown to both Gus and Peter. After a quick introduction, the warm-up quickly turned into an improvised exploration of space, movement, connection, and relationship. Instead of seeking more discussion about the approach to the rehearsal I could see that the rehearsal process had begun. All four of us continued this physical exploration of space with two pieces of music and ending with some recorded spoken text. I think despite the newness of the interpersonal dynamics we all have a shared understanding of theatre/performance exploration from being students at Naropa. I guess a true sign of the basis of shared background to support exploration.


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